Testimonials from customers and fans of URBAN HIJAB®. These testimonials are from the USA and abroad and everyone is saying great things about us. Read and find out why URBAN HIJAB® is a leader in modest clothing fashion.

Our clothing is designed and made in the USA. High-quality tailoring makes our products stand out. Original designs make them unique. Everything is made in limited quantities.


We take great pride in our design, production, and aim to provide you with the best in the modest fashion.

We are based in New York City and have access to some of the finest and interesting fabrics and accessories.

American Made. URBAN HIJAB® is unlike any other.


Modern Modest Clothing Options… We’ve Got You Covered


Keisha Plus Size Muslimah said: "I made the decision to only wear abayas 4 years ago. Being a plus sized Muslimah it (Zainab Dress) fit me well, hiding things that needed to stay hidden. Wearing an abaya is a way to be the most modest. I especially like to wear them to the masjid. Since I am working at the masjid this week this abaya is great for all the moving of tables, chairs and serving the believers." Maryland, USA

Urban Hijab Aaisha Dress Black


Melinda said: "I've used photos of Aaisha (like on Pinterest) as one of my greatest inspirations in attempting to come up with an abaya for 18" dolls like American Girl, I wanted something that's timeless, that can be accessorized easily, that's classic and Islamically acceptable.  Since I'm Catholic (with an immense respect for Muslims and a desire to bring something to Muslims), American Girls, that just DOES NOT exist, I have to go with companies I know to follow Islamic tenets with their clothing.  And URBAN HIJAB® does just that.

Wish me luck...make duas for me!  I hope to have the prototype finished soon before Ramadan begins so that I can take this to LA area mosques and Islamic community centers for a fun easy, spiritually healthy activity for the girls of the mosque.  One that encourages them in their faith, and helps them to be strong in their deen.  And since the hijabs sew up easily and quickly, I want to donate some of them to the outreach programs that Mercy for Mankind puts on to hand out to girls.

It is ONLY when we engage in interfaith activities that we can truly reach understanding and acceptance of one another.  I applaud URBAN HIJAB® for all they do in this area." California, USA

Darlene M.

Darlene M. said: "Atlantic Antic Street Fair was nice! But I had a chance to meet the Sister who designs the clothing of URBAN HIJAB®. She has an inner and outer beauty and radiance. I went to the store and the clothing is modest yet stylish and has the correct very true to size. I bought 2 outfits and plan to go back and purchase more. You can wear the clothing to the park, work, school, and most important Jumah Prayer. May Allah (SWA) continue to bless you and increase you. MashAllah." New York, USA

Urban Hijab Kameez Tunic Unique Orange
Urban Hijab Kameez Tunic White Red


Maryam said: "Your clothing is absolutely Great. I love it!" Paris, France


Jamilah said: "As-salamu alaykum. Alhamdulillah you got some nice stuff…" USA

Urban Hijab Brown Blue Cotton Hijab
URBAN HIJAB Jannah's Kids


Jannah said: "I must say that you are an excellent seamstress. Giving great quality detail to your garments. May Allah reward you." New York, USA

Jamilah B.

Jamilah B. said: "Sisters, URBAN HIJAB® is what's up! Looking to modesty? Check out the URBAN HIJAB® page and style yourself pious, gorgeous, and up-to-date." New York, USA



Michelle said: "The colors and unique style." New Jersey, USA


Farida said: "Bismillah, so nice to see your collection, Sis. I also sell Muslimah fashion in Indonesia, so wish to see you personally later insha’Allaah. Barakallahufeekum." Indonesia

Farida Ummusakinah
URBAN HIJAB Testimonials


Hassan said: "As salaamu alaikum. Your products are crazy and your prices are insanely good. I'm basically floored having lived in South East Asia for years and tried to find an Americanized version of this stuff to bring back over here. I can't believe that you're in New York City and selling this quality at this price."

Habibi Matrimonial

Habibi Matrimonial said: "Designer, Sandra Wellington, is a self-motivated and reliable person. She has a pleasant disposition which facilitates a good partnership." California, USA

Habibi Matrimonial
Urban Hijab Maryam Dress Navy Pin Stripe 5


Jennifer said: "I have purchased some hijabs from you and I must say Alhamdulillah. They are much better quality than others I have purchased. Keep up the good work!" USA

Brother Sami

Brother Sami said: "I am Arab from Lebanon and my name is Sami. MashAllaah. Your style is very good and wonderful. I hope all the women in the world to be in the URBAN HIJAB®, and good luck for you and hope insha'Allaah your life to filled by strong faith, deep love and nice happiness and salam." Lebanon

Urban Hijab Modern Abaya Brown 2


Alaa said: "Mashallah your collections."

MashAllah means: "God has willed." It expresses appreciation, joy, praise, or thankfulness for an event or person that was just mentioned.


E. from New York said: "URBAN HIJAB® for the Salaamah Dress. It’s unbelievable and high quality. I looked all over NY and nothing comes close to your work. Can’t wait to get more. It's true you get what you pay for." New York, USA

Urban Hijab Salaamah Dress


Jessenia from New York said: "I wore my new red and white URBAN HIJAB® tunic today to my niece’s aqeekah and everyone said ‘it’s so nice.’ Even my husband likes it very much on me.  JazakhAllaahu KhayrunSister, may Allah bless you and your new business. Remember to keep me in mind if you get more of the fabric for the other tunics I liked." New York

For the meaning of JazkhAllaahu Khayrun click here.


Houleye in New York City said: "URBAN HIJAB® is well appreciated in NYC area. Keep it up, Sister. Allah will bless your hard work. There are so few who are trying to make life better for the Muslimahs. Quality does not come cheap!" New York, USA



Dee from New York City said: "A company that excels in high-quality urban attire at affordable prices. URBAN HIJAB® is right for you. I am beyond pleased with my purchase and I plan to buy more." New York, USA